Value and application

Corn is a culture of high productivity and versatile use. No other plant has such a wide and varied application.

The great value of corn is that it allows you to simultaneously solve two problems - replenishing the resources of the grain and obtaining a juicy feed for animals.

The corn kernel contains 65-70% of nitrogen-free extractives, 9-12% protein and 4-6% fat. In corn embryo, the fat content reaches 40%. In a grain of yellow-grained varieties of maize in large quantities there is provitamin A.

The richness and diversity of the chemical composition of corn grain determine the high nutritional value of this crop.

How the food crop of corn is known since ancient times. At present, on average in all countries of the world for food purposes, about 20-25% of the total harvest of corn grain is used.

Corn is an excellent raw material for the processing industry. From corn kernels, starch, alcohol, glucose, molasses are produced, high-quality oil is produced, used for food and for technical purposes.

Particularly important is the importance of corn as a forage crop. Its grain is used for feeding all kinds of animals. The feed value of 1 kg of dry corn grain is estimated at 1.34 fodder units with an average digestible protein content of 78 g.

Main quality indicators:

Humidity: max 14.5%

Broken grains: max. 5.0%

Damaged grains: max. 5.0% (max 2.0% damaged by temperature)

Disputes: max. 2.0%